what’s in my pocket?

what’s in my pocket?
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I’ve been using this blog mainly for posting photo’s which unfortunately hasn’t been much these past few months with all my attention on the letterpress thing. However Faizel Boorany (check his blog faizelboorany.blogspot.com) gave me the idea that I could also use it as a reference of personal history that I don’t mind sharing in public.

With this in mind I thought I’d post what I carry in pockets every day because I’m usually changing gadgets and/or preferences so will be an interesting reference for me later on.

This is what is in my pocket.

iPhone 4 – I previously had a Blackberry Bold but as soon as this baby was available on an MTN contract I jumped ship. Since then I’ve been sorely missing the Blackberry keyboard and it’s robust e-mail functionality. The iPhone can’t really compete with these two features but fortunately everything else is just a treat. There are some amazing apps out there and it makes the iPhone the most productive and fun device I’ve ever used. The cherry on the top has to be it’s awesome camera so I don’t feel the need to lug my SLR around all the time.

Slim wallet – I ditched my bulky old school wallet last year. This slim wallet only has space for two cards, my preference of which is my driver’s license and a credit card. It also an internal pocket accessible from the top in which I’ve put a small piece of cardboard with all my other important details like health insurance, vehicle assistance and any other vital numbers and info. The back has a metal clip to hold all my cash notes and there is no place for coins which I just offload in my cars ashtray holder (the idea is to reduce bulk after all).

Notebook – this is a Moleskine cahier journal that is the perfect size for my pocket. Yes I love the digital world and have enough note taking and to-do list apps on my phone but there is still no killer replacement for a notebook. I can takes notes quicker, doodle when I want and never have to worry about it’s battery going flat.

Pen – my preferred pen is currently a Uni Pin Fine Line pen that uses pigment ink that is waterproof, doesn’t fade and is apparently archive safe. Main reason for this choice is that I find Moleskine paper tends to be on the thin side so other pen’s ink shows through rather bad to the other side. This pen doesn’t and the fine tip makes it a pleasure to sketch and doodle with.

Pocket Knife – Whenever I needed to cut something I always used my trusty Leatherman (just one of my favourite presents of all time). This multi-purpose wonder does the job but it’s also bulky and impractical to carry around. Sometime last year I stumbled upon upon this article at the Art of Manliness and decided to go out hunting for the slimmest knife I could find. This Kershaw knife is so light and thin, especially after removing the pocket clip it came with, that I don’t even feel it in my pocket. I probably find something to use it on everyday, even if it’s sometimes just to cut up a chocolate bar to share with a friend.

Flash drive – It’s not in the photo but I also carry a 8GB flash drive on my car key chain. These little things are indispensable but is getting far less use since I’ve been using Dropbox. If you don’t know about Dropbox it’s simply the best web-hosted file sharing service in the world. You can sign up for free and if you do so via this link I’ll even be rewarded with an additional 2GB space, so thank you.

Well that’s about it.


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