Is Wedding Invitation Wording Really that Important


Whether you are designing your own or having them made professionally, deciding on the perfect design for your wedding invitations can be extremely stressful. Whilst choosing a design that fits the theme and style of your wedding is important, many couples often overlook the wording that they are going to use inside the wedding invitations. Your wedding invitations are a reflection of you as a couple so you should put just as much effort into the wedding invitation wording as you did on choosing the style. Below you will find some things to take into consideration regarding your wedding invitation wording.

Consider Your Parents and In-Laws

When it comes to wording your wedding invitations you should take into consideration your guests that you are sending them to, particularly both sets of your parents. For example if your parents have given you any kind of financial assistance during the planning of your wedding then you may want to consider having them mentioned in the wording of your invitation as a sign of appreciation and respect. Certain styles of wedding invitations actually have a wording style where the parents and or in-laws are named as requesting the presence of your guests. This can be a big deal to both your parents and in-laws particularly if they have shared some of the financial aspects of your wedding.

Formal or not

Whether you’re wedding is formal or a more relaxed semi-formal affair will also have a bearing on the wording that you use on your wedding invitations. While formal wedding invitation wording may come across as very rigid you still want to try and include some of both your personalities into the wording. If your guests know you to be fun and easy going and then they receive a wedding invitation that is overly formal in its wording they may have some reservations in attending your wedding.

Your wedding Destination or Venue

Obviously your wedding invitation will need to include the place and time that you are getting married, but the actual wedding venue that you have chosen can have an impact in the wording that is used in your invitations to your guests. A good example of this is if you are fortunate to have a holiday abroad, obviously not all of your guests will be able to attend if you are flying off to Hawaii or maybe Las Vegas for a themed wedding, so your wording may need to include something saying that guests unable to attend the ceremony on the day are welcome to come to the reception which you may have chosen to have at a later date when you get back from your destination. Using the correct wording in your invitations in a situation like this is extremely important, you don’t want to make any of your guests feel like that they are not worthy of attending your wedding ceremony and only come to the reception. Using the correct wording can help ensure that no one becomes offended as this is obviously something you want to avoid, particularly with close family members.

As you can see there is a lot more to the humble wedding invitation than you may think, choosing a great looking invitation and putting some thought and effort into the wording may seem like hard work but it will be worth all the effort and hard work when your big day arrives.

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