5 Great Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love


A wedding day is all about the bride and groom and the celebration of two people coming together in front of their friends and family. It’s the friends and family members and other guests that will help to make your wedding day special, for this reason many couples when planning a wedding include wedding favours into their plans. Wedding favours are small gifts or items of appreciation that are given to wedding guests as a sign of gratitude, below you will find five great ideas for wedding favours that your guests will love and that won’t cost you the earth.

Simple Wedding Favour Ideas

Cupcakes or Cake pops

Making your own cupcakes or cake pops for your wedding guests is inexpensive but also gives you a nice personal touch. You can find hundreds of cupcake recipes and decorating tips just by searching online. Everyone loves cake and making them yourself will most definitely make you popular amongst your wedding guests.


This wedding favour is ideal if you are handy with a sewing machine or needle and thread, creating your own coasters from felt and other brightly coloured material is a great idea and relatively inexpensive. Your guests will love the effort that has gone into making such a personal gift. The coasters will also help to brighten up your table decorations at your wedding reception when you place them out for ready for your guests as they arrive.

Disposable Cameras

Get your wedding guests involved in your wedding with this fantastic wedding favour, give each of your wedding guests a disposable camera along with a card asking them to snap away and to leave the used camera in a bag on the table after they have finished with it. This is a great way of capturing some really great photos from your wedding day from all of your guest’s perspective. Collect all the cameras up at the end of the night so that you can get all the films processed. Not only will your friends have fun taking the photos throughout the night you will also enjoy looking through the developed photos not knowing what to expect until you see them.

Wedding Music Compilation

If music is going to be a big feature in your wedding ceremony then why not share that music with your wedding guests. Gather of all of the wedding songs that will be used during your wedding and place them onto Compact discs for your guests, you could also use USB drives although CDS may be a cheaper option. If you do decide to use CDS then you can get creative with your cd covers and sleeves and personalize them for your wedding guests. A compilation of your wedding songs is a great way for your wedding guests to remember the fun they had at your special day.

Handmade Seed Bags

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the best; this wedding favour is ideal for couples that don’t have a massive budget to spend on wedding favours or maybe are a little stressed for time for more elaborate favours. Small organza bags made by hand with fabric and decorated with a ribbon matching the colour of your wedding theme filled with seeds are a more traditional type of wedding favour. Giving your wedding guests seeds is symbolic of new life and the growth of love, just like the happy couple coming together at a wedding. While relatively inexpensive this handmade gift will be truly appreciated by your wedding guests as you have gone to the trouble to make them yourself and it is also an extension of your personality.

So there you have it five fantastic wedding favour ideas that are simple, cost effective and easy enough for the busiest of wedding couples to prepare before the big day, your guests will definitely appreciate the effort that you put into these unique wedding favours.

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