My desk with the Link

My desk with the Link
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Image by tychay
This is my work desk at home with it’s new lamp.

It’s placed there because I use it as a reading light when I’m in my bed (to the right). The nice thing about the link is you can pull it in the other direction and flip it up to provide horizontal light.

This light is awesome!
– The wiring is done through the aluminum frame so there aren’t any wires until you get to the base.
– There are 12 or 16 LEDs so the MTBF is pretty high since the LEDs get to run cool
– It has two brightness settings depending on which direction you slide the switch
– The switch is hidden on the top light
– Because everything is cool, the top is how you grab and position
– There are few parts and the whole thing is recycleable easily.

One weakness is you can’t rotate the top part along the axis you expect. But you get used to it.

Another weakness is that the LEDs are not replaceable in any way. This means after 15 years you’re going to have to convince Pablo to sell you a new unit, or recycle the whole lamp).

IMO, this is a definite improvement over the Herman Miller Leaf. The Leaf is great because you can tap it to turn it on or off, but in many ways it won’t have the staying power—it’s sort of like the LED version of those halogen counterweight desk lamps over the 80’s. This was much better thought out.

I need to plug in my Kill-A-Watt to see how much power its drawing. It’s very little though.

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