Wedding Cake Dos and Donts


Your wedding cake is quite possibly the biggest part of your wedding, second only to the all-important wedding dress. Selecting the perfect wedding cake for your big day can be one of the most fun elements when it comes to planning your wedding. Having a fantastic cake at your wedding ceremony is guaranteed to catch the attention of all your guests and have them talking about it long after the big day.

This is why wedding cakes play a significant part in the wedding ceremony as a whole; in fact the wedding cake cutting ritual at your ceremony will most likely be one of the most cherished moments in your life. It’s because of this great significance of the wedding cake that you should take note of a few simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake Do’s

Do your Research

Do your research; you should try to gather as much information that you possibly can on the type of wedding cake that you are considering for your wedding day. Use resources such as wedding magazines and wedding websites these will have tons of information and photographs on a huge variety of different wedding cakes for you to consider. If you have hired a wedding planner for your big day then you should ask their advice on what they think is the best kind of wedding cake. Doing your research is vital because the wedding cake is another of the big purchases for the wedding so getting it right is extremely important.

Do Select a Theme and a Budget

Next you will want to work out your budget and settle on a theme for your wedding cake. Performing your research should have given you some great general ideas on what you have in a mind for a wedding cake. Ideally at this point you should already have the theme of your wedding already in mind so you should select a wedding cake that will compliment this theme. Having a wedding cake that matches the theme of your wedding will be what makes a good wedding cake a great wedding cake.

Do Plan Where to Place the Wedding Cake

You will want to plan in advance where the cake is going to be placed at your wedding ceremony, for example if you are having an outdoor wedding then your wedding cake should be covered to protect it from the elements and insects.

Do Order Your Wedding Cake In Advance

You should make sure that you order your wedding cake well enough in advance to avoid delays that could crop up that would result in your cake not being available for the big day. You should be able to work out the size of the wedding cake that you need to order based on the number of guests that have replied to their wedding invitations. This is quite possibly one of the most important dos for the wedding cake as there would be nothing worse on your wedding day to be told that your cake is not going to be ready.

Wedding Cake don’ts

Don’t over decorate your cake

If you are ordering your wedding cake then there really shouldn’t be any need for adding any decorations. However if you are making your own or if you just wanted to add some personal decorations to your wedding cake then don’t overdo it. The old adage less is more is something that holds true when it comes to wedding cake decoration.

Don’t deviate from your theme

Make sure that your wedding cake matches or compliments the theme of your wedding, having everything from the colour of the dresses and flowers matching your theme and then having a wedding cake that sticks out like a sore thumb is a recipe for disaster.

If you stick to the above simple wedding cake Do’s and don’ts your wedding cake will be the perfect accompaniment to your big day that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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