The Top Ten Websites for Wedding Gift Ideas


Are you running short on ideas on for finding the ideal wedding gift? Finding the perfect gift for a wedding doesn’t have to be a taxing experience as long you have access to the internet then you can check out the following fantastic websites that are ideal for finding that perfect wedding gift.


There’s a reason that amazon is the number one online retailer and that’s because they stock just about everything that you can think of. Many couples send their guests a gift list containing items that they need, usually these are household items if the couple are starting out in their first home together. At amazon you will find practically everything that could appear on a wedding gift list they even have a dedicated wedding gift section on the site. You can even take advantage of amazon’s gift delivery service where you can have your purchase gift wrapped and sent directly to the happy couple.

Personalized wedding gifts

For a more personal type of wedding gift then you can head over to Here you will find anything from cufflinks, jewellery boxes and even bottles of wine. The site is simple and well laid out and offers a great choice of personalized wedding gifts.

At you will find a fantastic range of ceramic and glass gifts, most of the items found here would be ideal for the kitchen of a newlywed’s new home or as a display piece in the living room making for a more personalized wedding gift.

Another great website for personalized wedding gifts is they offer a range of personalized wedding gifts such as cards, photo albums and other keepsakes. They even have a guide for selecting the perfect wedding gift in the wedding section of the website.

More Popular wedding gift Websites

While amazon is one of the most popular websites that you can use when it comes to looking for the ideal wedding gift there are also a number of popular high street stores that have their own website where you can order your gift such as the ones found below.

The house of Fraser wedding list is primarily a site for couples to create a wedding list and then direct their guests to the site so they can simply pick something from the list and purchase it and it will be sent straight to the couple. You can still find some great wedding gift ideas here though; the gifts are conveniently listed in categories such as bathroom and kitchen etc.

All of the following high street stores have a selection of wedding gifts on their website:


John Lewis



Marks and spencer

As you can see there really is no need to struggle when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gift, one of these great ten websites will certainly have something that is suited to what you are looking for.  Buying your wedding gift online is quick and convenient and you also have the option of having your gift delivered straight to the wedding couple.

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