White Flight Wedding

White Flight Wedding
wedding decorations
Image by subarcticmike
Wow. Private function at the Western Canada Aviation Museum. Finishing touches c/o Special Moments Decorators of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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10 Responses to White Flight Wedding

  1. Sea Moon says:

    That had to cost an insane amount of money…

  2. ColetteSimonds says:

    What a cool picture!

  3. Corkneyfonz says:

    There’s something magical about this, great capture.

  4. gwhiteway says:


  5. Forest Edge says:

    What a great decorating job. Bright, crisp, contrasting colours.

  6. rovingmagpie says:

    But: Coke? Really? There’s a story here…

  7. GEO M I says:

    black napkins

  8. subarcticmike says:

    black tie and red dress on the invitation, we hopes 😉

  9. ladigue_99 says:

    I had missed this one when you posted it, it looks very interesting,
    did you take any photos during the dinner?

  10. subarcticmike says:

    full of admiration, but just a daytime tourist

    hope this gala was gallivanting into the wee hours

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