Wedding Roadster

Wedding Roadster
Wedding brands
Image by Arthur40A
Yes, once again, here is my Smart Roadster … but hey … this time, and for the first time, I lended it to a friend of mine so that it would transport the brand new hundband and wife 😉

What can I say except that I was truly proud and touched 😉

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5 Responses to Wedding Roadster

  1. Brice Foto says:

    Superbe, que ce soit la voiture ou la photo.

  2. Arthur40A says:

    merci :p

  3. boxers 999 says:

    Nice and clean, looks good.

  4. chdphd says:

    Lovely shot. It’s much shinier than mine is at the moment!

  5. Arthur40A says:

    Well … I must xsay that tight now mine isn’t really shiny :p

    OK it’s raining … it should remove some of the dust 😉

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