Wedding cake topper in action

Wedding cake topper in action
wedding cake toppers
Image by PeculiarForest
Topper in action!

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5 Responses to Wedding cake topper in action

  1. Rebecca's Tastebuds says:

    Lovely – really pretty….love her dress…!!

  2. PeculiarForest says:


  3. Pips Jewellery Creation says:

    Wow – oh Wow!!!

    I used to make wedding cakes – and this one is beautiful! Your toppers are amazing.

    I bet they were thrilled to pieces with this!

  4. PeculiarForest says:

    Thanks Pip, yeah I think they were pretty pleased with the topper, thank god! The cake is pretty awesome too.

  5. Njia Studios says:

    Love it!!!

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