The Wedding Photographer’s Sony RX1

The Wedding Photographer’s Sony RX1
wedding decorations
Image by kern.justin

The little details at Alec and Allissa’s wedding.

Some (most) readers might not know this, but I have been known to photograph weddings and events. Sometimes quite frequently. Although I rarely share any of this kind of stuff on this blog, I recently started thinking, “Why not?” So in the spirit of something different for a change I thought I’d post some photographs from a wedding I recently documented. Further, since many of you have been interested in my previous review of the amazing RX1, I further thought that it might be fun to showcase only the images taken with the RX1 during the wedding.

Photography in general, and wedding photography in particular, is about the little details. The dress, the shoes, the kiss the cake, etc. And what better camera to have with you for those little intimate moments than something sleek and unobtrusive but massively powerful at delivering incredible image quality, high sensitivity and that creamy, creamy bokeh that this kind of photography demands?

And if I were to have my pick of all weddings chock full of details for the RX1 to capture, it would be Alec and Allissa’s. A charming couple that also knows how to plan and throw an amazing wedding, they had details tucked away in all corners of this event. The fans/programs, invitations, desserts, centerpieces, everything was meticulously and tastefully designed. The aisle at the church was lined with pages from old books and framed by apothecary jars holding candles. Such a romantic and memorable setting.

I expected the RX1 to do marvelously at the little detail shots like the ones posted here, but what I didn’t expect was how versatile it would be as a second body for portraits and candids. Many wedding photographers walk around with a set of fast primes so having a 35mm f/2 on a huge, beautiful sensor in a tiny, compact body is just what the doctor ordered. I think Sony is really onto something here and I couldn’t help but imagine what a nice package a set of 24mm, 35mm and a 50mm RX1s would make for a wedding shooter.

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