The Bride to be – 31/365

The Bride to be – 31/365
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Image by foshydog
Whitney is also making a handbag with my wife. She came over today so the 2 of them could work on their projects and try to help each other with questions they might have. Whitney was also our maid of honor at our wedding and helped out a ton with all sorts of things for us. Soon she will be getting married and hopefully we can return the favor.

I asked Whitney if she would be up for letting me take her photo and she agreed even though she hadn’t come prepared to have her picture taken. In my effort to photograph everyone who comes into my place this year, I have gotten 100% participation. I hope this will be fun to look back at everybody and their photos and remember what their visit was for.

1 month down for this 365 project and 11 more to go. At times I feel like I can do it but there will certainly be days where I just don’t want to sit in front of this computer and work on my shots from the day. Thanks for all the support from everybody so far and here is to February and the shots that await us.

Her mom says she needs bifocals.


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