the bride!

the bride!
Image by drgillybean

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4 Responses to the bride!

  1. Daisy Beetle Girl says:

    Sandra looks beautiful. Lovely dress and flowers. Great location too.

  2. drgillybean says:

    yeah, she was gorgeous.
    i love house for an art lover. my wee sister got married there almost a year ago!

  3. Daisy Beetle Girl says:

    Cool! I remember Suzanne. Are any other old school pals married now?

  4. drgillybean says:

    erm, natalie got married in february. i saw emma at the wedding and she got married last year. sandra (and now you!), natalie and eilidh are the only people i’m in touch with from school really. i also heard that pauline and the 2 fiona’s got married.

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