Shad Wedding

Shad Wedding
bridal party
Image by MTSOfan
The wedding that took place durnig Shad Fest. I didn’t stick around for the bride and groom — even the wedding photographer was getting tired of waiting for them to come out of the building! But, I did get the snapper snapping the bridal party!

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7 Responses to Shad Wedding

  1. MaryLou1298 says:

    Great candid catch of the wedding snapper! Love it!

  2. beingjoey says:

    I agree!!!

  3. ^..^ Katie says:

    The snapper snapping. LOL. I will use that. I take lot’s of pictures of people taking pictures.

  4. sasastro says:

    Ah you’ve caught another snapper snapping! Are those lenses in his pockets? Nicely captured John

  5. WildSweetOrange says:

    Pretty dresses.

  6. Frank Fullard says:

    Snapping snappers is catching on! Terrific shot!

  7. judecat (by the sea) says:

    I love the little girl looking up at the photographer.

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