Pretty flowers in different colors

Pretty flowers in different colors
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Funny thing about these flowers…

So, we were at Bread Alone, picking up a surprise ordered by Corey’s mother. We had no idea what it was, but it had been intended for us to pick up the surprise on Saturday, and it was now Tuesday.

Turns out our surprise was a special order, 12in round, 2-layer yellow cake, apricot creme filling, buttercream frosting. Neither of us likes apricot creme, and buttercream is only good in small doses, if that. Besides, what the hell do 2 people do with a 12in, 2 layer cake? Especially when we pretty much have the Meadow to ourselves for the week, and the caretakers are vegan. :\

Corey has decided this is the last straw. His family is no longer allowed to get us presents, which, by definition, to them must *always* be _surprises_. It’s about time.

It’s currently in the ice box of our cabin. We’re trying to figure out whether to barter it locally, or just take it home and give it to someone else. If you live near us, don’t be surprised if you get a call asking you if you want a cake. 😉

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