placecards in progress

placecards in progress
New Wedding Favors
Image by ankatank
Noki (aka Nikhil), my little brother and wedding week assistant extraordinaire, helps with the placecards!

The first step to making these placecards was to cut down the stripey straws to different heights. We went with three different heights to have some sort of consistency.

Then, he sliced the tops so that the placecard could be slotted in later after it was ready.

Next, the actual placecards which I had designed had to printed. We printed those at home on a heavy cardstock. The cardstock was Bristol art paper, and was from a pad. The size was larger than my printer allowed, so first, Nikhil cut all the large paper down to size.

After that, he and Arielle both ended up helping to cut those printed sheets with names and table numbers etc down to individual placecards.

And then, both Nikhil and Marni participated in punching the corners with a corner punch I had bought to stylize them.

Now we slot the placecards into the straws! By we, I mean Nikhil and Arielle and Marni.

Finally, Arielle ended up adding paste at 1am the night before the wedding to help the placecards stay in the slots because they were not staying put too well.

The final result:

I’ll have better pictures of the final result, and how we displayed them when I get photos back from our wedding photographers, Our Labor of Love. Will post an update at that time.

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