Pack Rat Blues

Pack Rat Blues
wedding gifts for her
Image by Joe Shlabotnik
In the middle of a vain attempt to clean my basement.

More here:

UPDATE September 2007 – I did the same thing for our attic!

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6 Responses to Pack Rat Blues

  1. Captain Oblivious says:

    Nice annotations.

  2. landtuna says:

    Thank you. That was very entertaining… but what if, someday, you discover you should have kept some of that stuff you threw out!?!?!

  3. Joe Shlabotnik says:

    Don’t say that!

    Now where did I put that Action Comics #1?

  4. Tobyotter says:

    I love it, glad to see I am not the only one with tons of clutter to work through.

  5. andrea z says:

    I’m pleased to see you have our high school stuff. (I only went back to college with my little shredfest.)

  6. captcreate says:

    so many goodies!

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