wedding gifts for him
Image by CR Artist
for Wardrobe Remix:

I hope you all don’t mind me posting a WR photo of my brother. Our good friend, Amy, was married this past weekend and my wife and I and my family all attended her wedding. I thought Nate looked so cool in his hat and outfit and just had to post a photo!

shirt, pants and hat are all from Kohls
shoes: gift from a friend (purchased from Burlington Coat Factory
shades: Wal-Mart

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14 Responses to Nate

  1. Okie Bill says:

    Looking good

  2. simplysilly says:

    Niiiiice. Handsome….rawr.

  3. one daaaangerous easter egg says:

    He looks very dapper! This is a beautiful portrait too! I love the way the flower beds wrap around the frame. Lovely!

  4. hermsprong says:

    he looks great –i love the hat.

  5. Jen_Hansen says:

    That man has style.

  6. caroline@goodwiu says:


  7. mamichan says:

    Looks fantastic. Especially like the hat.

  8. Jean C'est Quoi says:

    Awesome indeed! I love the greyscale thing he’s got going on, and his hat looks extra modern without a contrasting band like so many these days.

  9. AudiSF says:

    Looks like good style runs in the family!

  10. Violetwired says:

    very cool. Love the greys.

  11. hands off my pho says:

    slick! your family has the monopoly on style

  12. CR Artist says:

    thanks everyone!

  13. Santhya Sekhar says:

    beautiful combination…looks good on you!!!

  14. monikulus says:

    Great sense of colours… Love grey!

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