Married N Sexy

Married N Sexy
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I had a love hate relationship with this image. I loved the models pose, look and my focal length, and thought awesome, until in full version I saw there was a lot of hair blowing across her face, cheek and lips. Proof positive of everything looks awesome on a 3.5" screen. Now I see why pros shoot tethered.

I fought for over 90min with the image and photoshop skills finally negotiating a 50/50 compromise with the image. I was pleased that my attempt at the white background worked to near perfection in this image. No modification on the background whatsoever.

Model: Monroe #1872387
shutter 200
focal 35mm
ISO 100

AB 400 boomed overhead camera on axis
2 medium softbox mono lights camera right and left at 45 degrees off model center
2 AB1600 behind model left and right and aimed at background.

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