Lettre Sauvage Matchbook Letterpress Stationery

Lettre Sauvage Matchbook Letterpress Stationery
Personalized Favors
Image by InsektGod
This is the alpha version on the matchbook stationery set. All inside pages are printed with "Start Something" and the URL "LettreSauvage.Com".

There’s not much room on the perforated tear off pages for more than a PH# or an email address, hopefully this serves the basic requirement and reinforces the nicety of having actual personalized social stationery.

I love the matchbook. It’s a classic advertisement medium. They seem to be dying out as a modern format as smoking becomes a less favored social behavior.

Anybody remember writing down a phone number on a matchbook, back of a napkin, or business card? I figure making the re-use seem to be an intended part of the design process would give it an edge and the fact that it’s a matchbook would make it sort of anachronistic. The strike plate is obviously fake and encourages a look inside.

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