L o O o V e

L o O o V e
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The next week I have to take up the cudgels for Angels and Airwaves. You don’t know them? Very good because they just released a brand New Album called Love. The perfect thing is that you can download it for FREE at their Website.

The Band consists of Tom DeLonge who is also playing with Blink 182. In my life as a musician he was and is the one who influenced my musical development the most. This is why my next pictures are dedicated to one Song of their album daily.
I will start tomorrow and post the Photo I imagine for the song. Until now I don’t know how to realize it but I hope it will work out and I will find a perfect choice for the lyrics of each song. So let’s see where this is leading to. 🙂

For today and for the introduction I choose a fireworks picture which kind of fits the albums main theme.
Download The Album here: modlife.com/angelsandairwaves/love

so if your download it please tell me what you think about the music…

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