Bookmark Favors
Image by favorthebrave
Each notebook includes a paper that says:

What your holding in your hands is very special.
It began its life as a beautiful new book, but as life went on it loved, lost, grew old, and ended up alone. And that’s where Favoring Brave jumped in.

Each Favoring Brave notebook is made from the covers of a recycled book, rescued from obscurity and given new life and a chance to be loved again. And don’t worry about the rest of the pages—what isn’t in your hands has been repurposed into bookmarks, paper flowers, pendants, and other jewelry. Anything left over is always recycled.

The pages inside are made of recycled paper too, and we like to think it’s a chance for the book to be reunited with old friends. Each page is cut, punched, and threaded onto the coil by hand.

With their endearing inconsistencies and imaginative construction, we hope every Favoring Brave notebook brings you joy, inspiration, and muses smiles.

This one retails for .

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