Jeremy + Brittany | Conservatory

Jeremy + Brittany | Conservatory
Image by Sean Molin Photography
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Bokeh Panorama using 55 frames. It would not be physically possible for any lens to achieve this depth of field with this compression from this point of view.
Shot with Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G.
See more of my bokeh panoramas here.

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10 Responses to Jeremy + Brittany | Conservatory

  1. Richard Thorkildson says:

    Classic ….
    Well done…

  2. Bellyss says:

    Really beautiful!

  3. Jeana Marie Photography says:

    This is… stunning. Truly amazing. If you’re ever in the Midwest and would like an assistant, I’d be happy to learn/assist.

  4. Sean Molin Photography says:

    🙂 Thankya.

    …and hey, I live in the midwest. Indianapolis is definitely part of that. lol.

    Hell, Minnesota (where I’m from), is less midwest than we are!

  5. Jeana Marie Photography says:

    [] You’re welcome. And hey, I too am from Minnesota. You’re telling me that Minnesota is not as midwest as Indianapolis? That’s crazy talk!

  6. Sean Molin Photography says:

    Minnesota is, of course, by definition in the midwest.

    But we’re definitely more "mid"… Minnesota is the most northern state in the L48, and is still east of middle. :-p

  7. Jeana Marie Photography says:

    [] Details, details. ;p

  8. justbane says:

    ah too beautiful great image.

  9. fi0na says:

    so romantic, well done!

  10. domsfx says:

    Truely inspiring, i will have to try this technique soon 🙂

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