Glass and Roses – Wedding 26/30

Glass and Roses – Wedding 26/30
wedding decorations
Image by JeremyMP
ISO 100 – 85mm – f/1.4 – 1/200 – Nikon D700 – Nikor 85mm f/1.4

Photo’s take by the lovely Kellie Trenkle and I get the privilege of processing the photos! πŸ™‚

These are some of the details my wife designed for the wedding! Love the colors and how the work together! It really was a beautiful day. Warm, sunny and lots of bright and vibrant colors.

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12 Responses to Glass and Roses – Wedding 26/30

  1. Fabiuzz91 says:

    Perfect colors !

  2. Carrie Teutenberg says:

    So pretty!

  3. JeremyMP says:

    Thanks [] & [] . I hope you are both having a grew day.

  4. Harris Hui (in search of light) says:

    Great DoF and bokeh! Jeremy
    Happy Thursday!

  5. dhmig says:

    Really wonderful as a dip! Colors are fantastic and the two images work perfectly together πŸ™‚
    Great work Jeremy!!!

  6. JeremyMP says:

    ΀ηανκσ [] & [] !

  7. lisa.k | photographie (wunderblatt) says:

    wow i love this.
    great combo πŸ™‚

  8. iamdawnmarie says:

    Oh my, nice shot! I thought this looked familiar for a sec. LOL, I made about two weeks ago, jars similar to these for a reception, with purple bows, and they had candles in them. I took a photo of them, as they were used for center pieces, but it was an indoor reception so the lighting was really dim. Love the purple and green combo, I am doing our master bedroom in this color scheme:)

  9. JeremyMP says:

    [] That is cool! I love combos like this. My wife has an eye for this kind of thing. I can’t create it but I am decent at figuring out if it good or not… weird I know… or maybe I just am way to opinionated. πŸ™‚

  10. oneworldmj says:

    love, love, love these colors!! nice DoF work.

  11. Stumpy 1956 says:

    love the colours in this the dof is fantastic >> Kelly is teaching me lots too Jeremy

  12. JeremyMP says:

    Thanks [] and [] Kellie did an amazing job.

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