wedding gifts for her
Image by .. marta ..
Preparing a small present for my dear friend, a collection of photos of her wedding day. And I’m playing with some effects too! 😉

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9 Responses to Gift

  1. Sandra Leidholdt says:

    Romantic! Dramatic! Ah, sweet love!

  2. .. marta .. says:

    Thanks Sandra for your lovely comment!

  3. Calvin E. Photography says:

    Great job.
    I am curious, are you "officially" the wedding photographer?
    Or are you snapping from the sidelines?
    I ask because I was watching a "pro" get the posed shots at an outdoor shoot, all the while missing many, many great, candid opportunities with the rest of the wedding party. A shame.

  4. .. marta .. says:

    I wasn’t the "official" wedding photographer, I was snapping from the sidelines. I had to find the right moments to shoot, trying to avoid all the people who were constantly passing before me!
    But I got the chance to take some good photos, and I’m very happy about it.
    Thanks for your comment, Calvin! 🙂

  5. ..emmaespejo.. says:

    great picture!!!! very well treated!!! was it a happy day? I guess so..hehe. lovely… that’s an example of love and happiness ;D

  6. .. marta .. says:

    Yes, it was a very happy day!! 🙂 I remember it with great joy, and I was so glad I was there.
    Thanks for your nice words, Emma! :))

  7. solocat52 says:

    I like the effect. Nicely done!

  8. .. marta .. says:

    Thanks solocat, I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  9. Calvin E. Photography says:

    Looking at it again I have to say this is a fantastic shot.
    The perfect moment to shoot.
    Nice effects as well.
    Your friend must have been very happy with it.

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