Floral Chandelier

Floral Chandelier
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Image by Flower Factor
A wedding without flowers is like a bride without a groom! It’s a given, flowers will play an important part in your wedding décor. Take the expected over the edge by looking for unique opportunities to use and display flowers at the reception along with the arrangements your florist creates for the tabletops. Scope out the reception site from floor to ceiling as if you were an interior designer! Better yet, meet your florist at the site and start your design dialogue in the space. Chances are, your florist has decorated other weddings and events at the site and will know the facility’s rules and have ideas for what would look amazing for your big day.

Look at is the ceiling and determine how easy it would be to hang a decorative element. Would it be possible to dangle or drape strands of crystal beads and flowers for a dramatic entryway? Can floral chandeliers or flower balls be suspended overhead?

— Photo Courtesy Society of American Florists, www.aboutflowers.com

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