fashionSPARK / Katelyn Wells

fashionSPARK / Katelyn Wells
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Image by Brett Arthur Donar (
Raleigh, NC

This past weekend was SparkCon, a showcase of creativity, talent and ideas of “The Creative Hub of the South,” the Triangle NC. I photographed parts of fashionSPARK which was a really cool experience. I got to see some really awesome new fashion and meet some great people. The runway was set up right on the main street in downtown Raleigh, Fayetteville St.

I was mostly their to photograph a designer who designs mostly creative, custom wedding gowns, Katelyn Wells. She makes all of her gowns from scratch and they are completely 100% handmade. Pretty impressive!

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5d w/ 70-200 f/2.8L IS

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2 Responses to fashionSPARK / Katelyn Wells

  1. Kat Folio says:

    So Brett, this definitely isn’t your normal genre of shooting, but I think you did a really great job. I like how you used the lighting to your advantage and waited till the girls faces were in the cooler lighting before shooting. This one in particular i love how the main spotlight was used as your main source of lighting her face and because this was shot while she was looking to the side the back of her head is highlighted by the warmer lighting. I know you didn’t have much control of where the lights were but I think you made great choices of when to make the shot.

  2. Brett Arthur Donar ( says:

    Thanks again Kat. I guess "shooting for fun" was my mindset during this, so that helps focus on the available lighting and catching the right frame at the right moment rather than my usual work. Posing people, setting up lights, exposure, location etc all get in the way sometimes and that can really take away from the other details that I focused on here.

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