External Memory – Analog saved me

External Memory – Analog saved me
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Image by Christmas w/a K
Designing a Year 1 Plan for a start-up project. I had to go lo-fi. Please note: I’ve created a group called Evernote Playground, and invite you to post your Evernote experiments there.

Inspired by images found on flickr, I left the computer behind in favor of breaking my One Year Plan for the Alumni Mentor Program at Marylhurst into small components across 5 themes: experiences, partners, research, messaging, AmeriCorps. Each of these themes is examined across 4 terms of Year 1, which starts in Sep 08. Outside the frame are some broader targets and ideas for Year 2 and Year 3.

I executed this project on my office floor at work – everyone who walked by commented on my technique. It was funny to hear that most people reflected on how organized I was and that it looked like "work is getting done!" I’d been thinking what a nut I was, and how working like this was way-fun and reminded me of coloring on the floor when I was a kid! I’ve tapped into my inner-organizational-geek child.

Seeing how others have worked using this component method encouraged me to experiment with this process – thanks to folks who share their ways of working!!! Old dogs can learn new tricks. Note to self: choose heavier stock once this supply is gone! Luckily no dogs wandered in (it’s happened before).

Taken from above, standing in my office chair, with my a717 Samsung cam phone.

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