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Just about this time every year, Catnip Candy takes off her ears and whiskers, stops harvesting catnip and her fancy turns to pumpkins. Pumpkins? Yes, nutritious, delicious pumpkins! EVERYBODY except the finiky felines (that includes all 659 of them) and most of the doggies absolute love Pumpkin Season. The cows, horses, goats, sheep, pigs (all kinds the pots the farms and the guinea), rabbits, chickens, peacocks, swans, pigeons, emus and on and on. 20 out of 22 species can’t be wrong!

After the pumpkin selling season is over for Halloween, many pumpkin stands, produce markets, farms, churches and others who sell pumpkins as a fundraiser, will give them to our animals. In the beginning, before we had great volunteers like Candy, we’d load the few pigs, rabbits, goats and chickens we had up into the van and head out to the pumpkin places. Unfortunately many of them called and then wanted the manure raked up. No sense of humor. Nobody laughed when I suggested selling that as a second fundraiser.

So we figured out that if we can’t take the animals to the pumpkins, we’ll have to haul the pumpkins to the animals. And that’s what we do now. For the next month or so a dozen or more volunteers will be busy hauling in pumpkins. Lots of places let us start taking the ones getting soft that they can’t sell way before Halloween. After Halloween almost everybody wants them GONE.

Contact Candy Pumpkin Princess #1 to find out how you too can have fun hauling pumpkins in for the piggies and friends. We have donors all over Virginia. And you can ask every stand you see if they’ll donate. Many are so happy to have a place for the pumpkins to go instead of having to haul them away. So get involved. Do everybody a favor. Help your local merchant, church, boy scout troop, or who ever and help the animals of Rikki’s.

So what’s the deal with Miss Blue Dog? Annie and Arthur McWilliams are the proud owners of Miss Blue Dog they are happy to lend her to Candy for the great pumpkin harvest. THANK YOU Annie and Arthur, from all the critters (except the finicky cats). If they only listened instead of being stubborn cats they’d realize the great pumpkin haul benefits them too. The money we save on feed for the other animals, can now be spent on kitty chow.

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