Birthday loot

Birthday loot
Place Card Holders
Image by play4smee
A year older today…got some good loot so it was worth it!

And there were flowers too but they wouldn’t fit in the photo. Oh, and a couple of bras but I figured nobody needs to see them.

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9 Responses to Birthday loot

  1. obLiterated says:

    Yay – happy birfdee 🙂

    Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )

  2. joesflickr says:

    Wow- Happy Birthday! Looks like you’ve done well!

  3. Neva Swensen says:

    Happy Birthday!!! You got some good stuff there! Looks like lots of fun!

  4. Aishath Azleena says:

    happy belated birth day dear

  5. ♥toby&baby♥ says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. myheartandsoul...ON and OFF says:

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

  7. The Suss-Man (Mike) says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. lake.sider says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday !!!
    Hope this is one of your best years yet : )
    Sorry to be a bit late, but shouldn’t you be celebrating and getting spoiled for the entire month?!
    I’ve got two years on you kiddo : )

  9. Hyacinths says:

    Happy Birthday…well, Happy Belated Birthday since I’m a gazillion years late, but hope you had a great one!

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