130/365 Only 101 Days *Explored*

130/365 Only 101 Days *Explored*
bridal shoes
Image by -mrsraggle-
to the wedding! So the bridal shoes are out and being broken in!

I am a serious trainer/ballet shoe girl and never, ever wear heels. I sat down in these and they hurt.

Omg! 101 days!! I’m not planning on wearing knee high grey socks on my wedding day though…as an aside the font here is the one we used for our wedding invitations that went out yesterday and 15 responses so far. Love the font!!

Ghetto lighting.

For FGR – three words.

Explored! Thanks all. #86

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29 Responses to 130/365 Only 101 Days *Explored*

  1. patchworkbunny says:

    Those shoes are sooooooo gorgeous!!!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  2. Nikki-Dee says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes!!!!!!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  3. st. cecilie says:

    great shoes!

  4. prairieskygal says:

    Ooo pretty! I dig the socks and shoes look 🙂 I hope your dress is short enough to show off the flowers!

  5. Nikki-Dee says:

    Oh wow they are your wedding shoes!! I love them even more now!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  6. -mrsraggle- says:

    Thank you!!
    They are indeed!
    It’s floor length actually, but these were a bargain £85 reduced to £35!! I can hitch the dress up for a sneaky photo on the day!

  7. pinkangelbabe says:

    Wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! Though like you i’d be unable to walk in them! But you’ve got a few days to practice!

  8. Jennifer Humienik says:

    I like your shoes.

  9. ~aspidistra~ says:

    What gorgeous shoes! I hear you on the heels thing – good luck!

    Seen in the group"Flickr Group Roulette" (?)

  10. *midtownsky* says:

    Love those shoes! and I swear I have socks just like those!

    Seen in the group"Flickr Group Roulette" (?)

  11. meddygarnet says:

    That means it’s 100 days until my birthday… 30 is coming fast. 😮

    I don’t wear heels either, and absolutely loathe them due to the pain they cause, and because I look like I’m a giant. :/

  12. twnklmoon says:

    Those shoes are ROCKIN’! And I love this shot.

  13. ~GG~ says:

    Those have to be the MOST femine pair of shoes I have ever seen! LOVE them!!!! =)

  14. Robczn says:

    I was wondering about the socks, congrats on the rapidly approaching wedding day

  15. BabyPhotog1990 says:

    awesome, congratulations
    and cute shoes!

  16. VanessaisSleeping says:

    Those shoes are fantastic!

  17. [ellen] says:

    those are amazing shoes!

    and socks… haha.

  18. fountaincoke says:

    wow those shoes rockkk

  19. Fusion. says:

    Congratulations and good luck. Thanks for playing on my FGR day!

  20. .Bradi. says:

    Hehe… Love this. :]

  21. LookingSmug says:

    that font is adorable, those shoes kick ass, i’m so excited for you!!

  22. thePhotoZoo says:


  23. Olga Sotiriadou says:

    One of the best pair of bridal shoes I have ever seen. I love that they kinda look like non-bridal bridals, you know?

    Fantastic font as well. Obviously you have great taste 🙂

  24. faygate says:

    The socks really make it!!

    Seen in the group"UK FuGgeRs Club" (?)

  25. JLovely (DisRunner) says:

    these are gorgeous shoes!! can’t wait to see the whole package! lol

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  26. Loving Earth says:

    OMG looooove this!!! Absolutely ravishing shoes, so fabulous!

    I really miss the rush of the wedding planning. Everything so intense and full on (the highs and the lows). Take it all in, breathe, enjoy… then we can live it with you, too. Keep sharing.


  27. jessica.hazzard says:

    Such nice shoes!

  28. Beckaa x says:

    they are lush shoes!

  29. m10002060 says:

    Are your kneesocks cable knit kneesocks ?

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