Wedding Party Group Shot 8/27/11

Wedding Party Group Shot 8/27/11
Wedding Party
Image by harmonica pete
What A Challenge It Was To Get All 25 Members Of this Group to Make Eye Contact ! It Only Took Three Take,s Not Bad I Think . The Other Challenge Was Lighting This Group. of Darker Skin People. Camera Details Nikon D300 , Nikkor 17-35mm 2.8 Lens @18mm F/8 1/60th sec ISO 500 Exp comp +0.3. Off Camera Flash 1 Nikon SB900 +1 Stop On A RRS Wedding Pro Bracket

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4 Responses to Wedding Party Group Shot 8/27/11

  1. harmonica pete says:

    I Worked This 7 Hour Photo Shot By Myself On The Day Hurricane Irene Hit The Jersey Shore And I’m Still Recuperating. (At 60 "I’m Not As Good As I Once Was But I’m As Good Once As I Ever Was")

  2. makeupanid says:

    a challenge for sure-well done!

  3. Dah Professor says:

    Yow!, that is hard work!!!
    Nice job Pete!
    I used to use an 18% gray card on such occasions,
    and still have a shot of a guy holding one in front of him while taking the press release shots he needed for his run for the Asbury Park Board of Ed back in the late 60s
    (some pretty exciting times back then!).
    Fortunately I was shooting a 2ΒΌ TLR,
    was able to crop the card out of the head and shoulder shots,
    and still have plenty of resolution.

  4. jherg424 says:

    Wow. Great lighting work. I always have trouble lighting big areas with one strobe.

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