Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation
wedding invitations
Image by C@tch
Wedding invitation with one of my photos on the cover.

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5 Responses to Wedding Invitation

  1. Janis Zakis says:


  2. la-la-laine says:

    ielūgums stilīgs (līdz ar to bilde arī!)
    ielūgums oficiāli m/b vai krāsains?
    nu dikti labs!

  3. C@tch says:

    Ielūgums oficiāli m/b, tikai sirds graffiti uz sienas fonā ir sarkana!

  4. Vladimir.Skibin says:

    nice )

  5. jesszholmes says:

    very nice! I’ve been looking through a ton of wedding invitation samples, this one is really unique 🙂

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