Grand Union Station

Grand Union Station
Wedding supplies
Image by Sean Molin Photography
Now *that’s* a reception venue. 14mm and 36mp… the perfect pair of numbers.

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8 Responses to Grand Union Station

  1. beureumbodas says:

    if you attend Indonesians wedding… i think you will get dizzy…
    1.000 people they invites…
    this is so great Sean… the colorful lamps… ahh perfect!

  2. says:

    I love it.

  3. LightPaintr says:

    Great shot !

  4. Yuanshuai(TIM) Si says:

    great composition!

  5. Pixelated~Light says:


  6. Jean Loper Photography says:

    Awesome perspective!

  7. ⎈ Maria says:

    Have you tried entering your photos in contests at This one has a great chance of winning in the ARCHITECTURE category. It’s a great way to receive genuine feedback and have fun.

  8. Dave Durham says:


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