Calm on a Big Day

Calm on a Big Day
Image by Extra Medium
I had the absolute honor to photograph a wedding for a couple here on Flickr. I won’t reveal their names yet until they get back from their honeymoon, but their wedding had some really special moments, and the outdoor setting couldn’t be more perfect. Perhaps a bit cooler, but other than that, wonderful.

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10 Responses to Calm on a Big Day

  1. Framing June says:

    Cooler??/ Wow, that’s a problem I’d kill to have!

    Beautiful sepia tone!

  2. Bruna.Lacerda says:

    oh thats nice =]
    i have bride on my stream too =;

    and donf forget to tell us how they are when they return, haha

  3. S.A.M says:

    shes praying i quess

  4. scoobs1969 says:

    Love this!

  5. Buck Forester says:

    Your portraits and treatments are amazing. Any books or resources you recommend on achieving these kinds of results for weddings/portraits? I know nothing about it but I’d like to start doing some serious portrait stuff for my family.

  6. T Glow says:

    nice old mood……..classic & very beautiful work my friend !!

  7. KKellyS [VOTED!!] says:

    So beautiful! I love the treatment!

  8. -Tommy- says:

    wonderful capture – nice work

  9. purplewon2000 says:

    She’s gorgeous, and I love the timeless quality of the sepia.

  10. littlelakey says:

    i love the tones in this one … your doing lots of weddings and getting very good a portraits.

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